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In times when rapidly growing populations, tourism and industrialization exponentially increase the contamination of the environment depleting fresh water resources day by day - the recycling of water has never been more important. EcoAzur provides very successful and efficient solutions for the treatment of wastewater and the purification of drinking water.

Water Purification

EcoAzur Bluewater Series - Water Purification and Desalinization Plants

Nothing is standard when it comes to Drinking Water Plants from EcoAzur.
Each Reverse Osmosis system is carefully designed to the client's needs
in order to optimize effluent quality and membrane life. Providing WHO
quality approved water, our EcoAzur Bluewater systems are easy to operate
and maintain, and are designed to last for many years.


Wastewater Treatment

Up-Grades and Renovation of Existing Plants

EcoAzur BioMedia

Our EcoAzur BioMedia is a biofilm carrier for MBBR processes employed for wastewater treatment. Our non-clogging carriers with a protected surface area of 3000 m² per m³ provide degradation rates superior to any other carrier medium in the market. The capacity of existing activated sludge treatment plants can be significantly increased by using our biofilm carrier. In addition, the use of our EcoAzur BioMedia allows designing new sewage treatment plants with a remarkably smaller footprint compared to conventional plants.


Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

EcoAzur Ultra Series - Modular Package Treatment System
Ultra efficient package sewage treatment plants combining the advantages of a
Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) and the Vacuum Micro Filtration (VMF) technologies
which results in BOD and TSS levels < 10 ppm and a turbidity < 1 NTU of the
treated water. Modules are available from 10 to 200 m³ per day (2,640-52,835 GPD)
allowing total treatment capacities up to 1000 m³ per day (264,175 GPD).

EcoAzur Compact Series - Modular Package Treatment System

Package Treatment Plants, modular system based on High-Speed
Biodegradation, utilizing Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) Technology.

EcoAzur Econ Series - Individual On-site Treatment System

Individual sewage treatment plants based on Biodegradation by
extensive Aeration. Available capacities 1 - 40 m³ per day (5 - 200 persons)

Klargester BioDisc® - Individual On-site Treatment System

BioDisc® sewage treatment plants stand out due to their high energy-
efficiency utilizing a biodegradation technology based on rotating discs.
Air injection is not necessary.

BIOROCK®-S - Natural On-site Treatment System

BIOROCK®-S sewage treatment plants offer a natural and sustainable alternative
for residential applications, using an innovative ventilation system without electricity.

Superior performance - ZERO ENERGY


Progressing Cavity Sewer Systems (PCSS)

E-One SewerTM

E/One's grinder pump stations are a cost-effective and highly reliable
alternative for central sewers systems that can be installed in any terrain,
wet, rocky - even on site with dramatic elevation changes. E-One's
Semi-positive Displacement (SPD) grinder pumps, superior to centrifugal
pumps for sewer applications, stand out due to their almost vertical
performance graph and their high energy-efficiency.



  • Grease and Oil Traps
  • Hydrocarbon Traps
  • and more..