EcoAzur BioMedia

General Description

The EcoAzur BioMedia is a biofilm carrier for MBBR processes used for biological wastewater treatment systems. Due to its extremely large active protected surface area of 3,000 m²/m³ it provides degradation rates superior to any other carrier medium in the market. On the contrary to traditional biofilm carriers, the EcoAzur BioMedia is not subject to clogging effects which reduce efficiency as the surface of our parabolic shaped carrier is frequently cleaned by shear-forces and attrition during the movement inside the bio-reactors. Our biofilm carrier has been applied and tested with great success in various industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants all over the world, i.e. in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, India, Malaysia and China. Its application for the treatment of highly loaded municpal and industrial wastewater, such as the sewage of pulp and paper factories, steel works (coke oven plants), food and beverage production stands out due to high process stability and performance.


The micro-organisms in moving bed bio-reactor (MBBR) treatment processes require an immobile carrier surface for sustained biofilm growth and thus constantly high biological treatment efficiency. Therefore, the protected surface area of a carrier where the bacteria can grow constantly without being damaged is more important than the total surface area. Hence, it is more important to use a biofilm carrier with a vast protected surface area than using great volumes of carriers within a treatment plant. The EcoAzur BioMedia was designed for providing a maximum protected surface area by using a minimum gross volume of carrier material. Our biofilm carrier provides a protected active surface area of more than 3,000 m²/m³.


The EcoAzur BioMedia can be used for the elimination of COD and BOD5 as well as for nitrification and denitrification. Our biofilm carrier can be efficiently used for significantly increasing the capacity of existing activated sludge sewage treatment plants without any need for structural changes. Moreover, this also applies for the replacement of conventional carriers with a smaller surface area used in MBBR processes. Furthermore, the use of the EcoAzur BioMedia allows designing and building new wastewater treatment plants with a remarkably smaller footprint and hence with a lower cost compared to using an activated sludge process without a biofilm carrier or MBBR processes with conventional carriers. 











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